BA30: Pre-Project Problem Analysis

To be successful projects need clear directions and destinations. Therefore it is necessary to understand what business problem or opportunity exists.

In this episode we talk with Adrian Reed about pre-project problem analysis which is also the topic of his workshop at our BA Boot Camp on the 11h of May 2016 in Vienna. In his practical and interactive session he focusses on how to carry out problem analysis either before a project has been initiated or during the project’s early stages. He will provide tools and techniques that everyone can use early in the project process.


Ingrid Gerstbach
Peter Gerstbach
Adrian Reed

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Content of this episode: Pre-Project Problem Analysis

  • Problem analysis for successful projects
  • Understanding the why
  • Understanding the what

Successful projects need a clear direction and a definitive destination. Therefore it is necessary having a solid understanding of the business problem or opportunity that exists. Understanding the real business problem, it is much easier to elicit and analyze business requirements and understand the business value that the project will deliver.

Adrian is one of our special experts at the BA Camp 2016 in Vienna. At the BA Boot Camp on 11th of May he will start his course with a broad definition of problem analysis, and then focusses on understanding the high-level “Why” and the “What” of projects.   The session continues by focussing on how to define a high-level “project concept summary”.  Adrian will provide and exercise with the attendees tools and techniques that they can use early in the project process. These techniques are also useful and valuable throughout the project, in cases where the organisational, business or scope changes take place whilst the project is in flight.

About Adrian Reed

Adrian ReedAdrian Reed is Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions,  where he provides business analysis consultancy and training solutions to a range of clients in varying industries.  He speaks internationally on topics relating to business analysis and business change, is President of the UK chapter of the IIBA, and a true advocate of the analysis profession.

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