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Your life as a Business Analyst is really busy. You have to be focused on your work, but maybe you want to be stress-free while productive and present? To be ready for anything? Just take a look on this episode and find out how to do this!

Todays episode we are discussing with David Allen, author of getting things done, how to manage work to get focused and to have a much more stress-free time. Actually our mind is not for holding ideas but for having them. David told us about five steps to get to this point where your mind will be free for great ideas. Find out how much fun it is to have an empty space and how to work much more productively!


Ingrid Gerstbach
Peter Gerstbach
David Allen

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David Allen

David AllenOur mind is for having ideas, not holding them. That’s why David Allen created Getting Things Done®. After decades of in-the-field research and practice of his productivity methods, David wrote the international best-seller Getting Things Done.

Getting Things Done

This podcast episode explains the five steps of GTD and much more:

Five Steps:

  1. Capture (collect whats on your mind)
    What do you have in your mind: What is actually on your mind, write this down and identify what you have on your mind. This usually takes 1 to 6 hours gathering all the physical information.
  2. Clarify (process what it means)
    Make files and lists and then empty your files, orders. This step is about outcome and action and making decisions.
  3. Organize (put it where it belongs)
    Clean up backlog (2 minute things); make psychic space, space for new ideas; define your work, not finish it; do not park mails; file things, action folder, reference folder. You need to have discipline
  4. Reflect: review frequently
  5. Engage: simply do
    Become a habit – train yourself, it is not really a skill.

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